AERO 360° - the efficient solution for moisture control

UniBond's moisture absorbers use a natural process to absorb excess moisture from the air. UniBond Aero 360º is an innovative system based on 360° air circulation which results in increased efficiency of up to 40% compared to Henkel's standard system. It's a quick way to a healthier home.

It helps prevent moisture-related problems: condensation, mould, mildew, peeling wallpaper, blistering paint, and musty smells. It's ideal for rooms up to 20 m².



Highly Efficient Moisture Absorber

Optimal Absorbing System

Aerodynamic device with a unique 360º air circulation and an ultra-absorbent tab for a superior moisture absorption.

Highly Efficient                       

First drop within 12 hours. Effective for up to 3 months in a 20 m² room.                                                                                                               

Ecological and Convenient

No energy source needed and it's easy to use and refill.                                                                                              

Silent and Safe                                                

It doesn't make noise and it provides maximum safety thanks to its anti-spill protection mechanism.                                                      



Explore the AERO 360º

Advanced Technology

One touch loading tray for easy usage.

Aerodynamic Device

The unique 360° air tunnel enables the air to circulate completely around and through the hanging ultra-absorbent tab for efficient performance of the system.

2 in 1 Refill Technology

1. Ultra active crystals for advanced moisture absorption.

2. Patented anti-odour technology: up to 70% neutralisation of bad smells. Tested by an external lab in 2009.

High Safety

Spill-prevention system and security clips.

Covenient emptying

Drainage spout to easily the solution from inside the tank.

Efficiency Boost

First drop within 12h (depending on moisture level and room temperature). Up to 40% higher efficiency compared to Henkel's standard systems.

Non-Stop Moisture Absorption

The end of life sticker on the tank indicates when the refill needs to be changed.


AERO 360º - Frequently asked questions

The standard Aero 360° device is ideal for rooms of up to 20 m² - anywhere where moisture is causing a problem. For rooms smaller than 20 m² or smaller spaces, please refer to the UniBond website for further information on the range.

In order to obtain better results you should place your moisture absorber at least 10 cm away from walls. This ensures sufficient air circulation around the device to achieve moisture removal. Also, it is important to not place the device next to heating sources, as this could affect the performance.

It depends on the amount of moisture in the air, but generally between 12 and 24 hours.

The tab is effective for up to 3 months in a 20 m² room, depending on the moisture level and temperature in the room. Once the tab has fully dissolved, you should use the moisture absorber’s spout and pour the solution into a toilet.

Yes, the moisture absorber is safe to use around children and animals, but should be kept safely out of reach.

Yes, it includes one refill tab. 

Air can only hold a certain amount of water. Any excess of that will be visible as condensation, especially in the coolest areas of your house. Moisture can come into your home from the outside as well as from the inside. 

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