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All you need to know about moisture.

Find the answers to questions on moisture and our moisture absorbers, such as what is the ideal moisture level at home, how can you identify excess moisture or how do moisture absorbers work?

Excess moisture collects in cold areas of your home, such as windows, unheated rooms or poorly insulated walls. Condensation on your windows is the first sign of excess moisture at home. If you do not solve the problem of high moisture at your home, it may result over time in the development of mould and mildew, peeling wallpaper and blistering of paint. Other common consequences include musty smells, yellow stains on clothes and leather fabrics and feeling cold and damp in the air.

Moisture can come from outside, soaking through open doors or windows, foundations and walls or from human activities inside your home. On average, a typical family produces 12 litres of water vapour in the air through daily activities such as cooking, taking a shower or bath, and gas heating. During the cold season, when we isolate our home from the cold, we trap all of this moisture inside.

A moisture absorber - or dehumidifier - is a device that controls moisture. Its use fights effectively against excess moisture in your rooms by extracting moisture from the air and neutralising bad smells. This creates cleaner air and a better enviroment at home. If you’re wondering how to reduce moisture at home, UniBond Moisture Absorbers are your perfect choice.

Based on the room size and moisture level, our moisture absorber devices offer you the perfect aids for your moisture problems.

The UniBond Pearl moisture absorber is recommended for small rooms up to 10m². This device is used with Power tab 2 in 1 (neutral) and Power tab 3 in 1 Aromatherapy.

For rooms up to 20m² and with especially high moisture we recommend the UniBond Aero 360° device as the most efficient moisture absorber system for your moisture problems. It decreases excess moisture with 40% more efficiency*. It is refillable with Aero 360° refill tabs.

Minifresh sachets efficiently fight excess moisture in small spaces, like wardrobes, cupboards and shoe racks.

* compared to a Henkel standard system

The moisture absorber begins to work immediately after assembly, as soon as the tab gets in contact with moisture in the air. Thanks to the ultra-active crystals of the tabs, moisture is removed from the air and converted it into a salty solution. You will see that this solution is collected in the tank of the device. Throughout this moisture removal process, the refill tab gradually reduces its volume until it is completely dissolved. Our moisture absorber devices are safe to use and do not require electricity. 

None of our moisture absorbers require electricity to function. This means they do not make any noise while working.

A UniBond moisture absorber can be used in any room of your home to help fight excess moisture. Moisture may affect any rooms in your home, like basements, bathrooms, kitchens, cellars, garages, bedrooms or living rooms. As our devices do not require electricity they can also be used in caravans, mobile homes, boats and weekend houses.

For highest efficiency and in order to obtain best results you should place a UniBond moisture absorber at least 10 cm away from walls. This ensures sufficient air circulation around the device to achieve moisture removal. It is advisable to keep the moisture absorber out of reach of children and pets. Also, it is important to not place the device next to heating sources, as this would affect the performance.

UniBond have a range of moisture absorbers, ranging from devices suitable for use in small enclosed spaces, such as wardrobes, to rooms up to 20m².

UniBond Aero 360° moisture absorbers are suitable for rooms of 20m² in size, depending on the moisture level and the room temperature.

UniBond Pearl moisture absorbers are suitable for rooms up to 10m².

For excess moisture in small spaces, like wardrobes, cupboards and shoe racks, UniBond Minifresh sachets are the perfect solution.

Any of our moisture absorber devices can be placed in the bathroom to fight bathroom moisture. Whilst the product will help to remove the room’s moisture in general, it will not prevent the bathroom from temporarily steaming up during or after a shower or bath. However, it will help prevent any smells in the bathroom, as it will absorb excess moisture left after your daily activities.

If you are using a UniBond Aero 360º to control moisture, first drops can be observed within 12 hours, depending on the level of moisture and the temperature of the room. One refill tab will last for up to 3 months in a room of 20m².
If you’re using a UniBond Pearl to get rid of excess moisture, the first drops can be observed within 24 hours, also depending on the moisture level and the room’s temperature. One refill tab for this device will last up to 2 months in a room of 10m².

Continuous usage of either device will ensure perfect well-being at home.

Depending on which moisture absorber you are using, the refill tabs will last around 2 or 3 months. If you are using a UniBond Aero 360°, the refill tab will last for around 3 months in a room up to 20m². If you’re using a UniBond Pearl moisture absorber, the refill tab will last for around 2 months in a room up to 10m². In both devices, the duration of the tabs will depend on the moisture level and the room’s temperature.

The moisture absorber refill removes moisture in the air and converts it into a salty solution. Throughout this process, the refill tab gradually reduces its volume until it is completely dissolved and you will see that the solution will be collected in the tank of the device. It usually takes 3 months for Aero 360° tabs and 2 months for Power tabs (depending on moisture level and room temperature).

To ensure non-stop efficiency, our Aero 360° device has an indicator for the change of tab – when the level of solution reaches the red indication line, you need to change your tab.

The refill tabs (both Aero 360° and Power tabs) are available in packs of two. You can also find Aero 360° neutral refill tabs in packs of 4.

Once the tab has fully dissolved and the tank is full you should pour the solution from the tank into the toilet. It is not recommended to reuse the liquid for other purposes such as watering plants. For convenience and safety, the Aero 360° device has a special spout to empty the tank – open it and pour out the solution in the toilet. Afterwards clean the spout when necessary.

Musty smells in enclosed rooms are a consequence of excess moisture. To improve the environment of your room and fight the unpleasant smell we recommend using UniBond moisture absorber products.

If you would like not only to neutralise musty smells, but also to have a pleasant scent at home, we recommend using Aromatherapy: our moisture absorber frangrance tabs. There are two scents available: relaxing lavender and energising fruit sensation.

For small spaces like wardrobes, drawers, cupboards, and shoe racks the UniBond Minifresh Sachet is ideal. It helps combat moisture while distributing a pleasant lavender smell.

UniBond Minifresh Sachets are disposable moisture absorbers, which fight moisture while releasing a pleasant smell. They reduce excess moisture in small spaces, like wardrobes, cupboards and shoe racks, while preventing water from escaping, thus keeping your belongings safe.

Simply remove the sachet from the packaging and place it with the white side up or hang it in the desired space. Do not let the white side make contact with clothes. The sachet immediately starts working once its packaging is removed. Water stays within the sachet and turns into gel. When the content of the sachet has entirely turned into gel, simply replace it and discard the old sachet.

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