Aero 360º E-Connect moisture absorber

The best solution to absorb excess indoor moisture, now with smart packaging

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Aero 360º: the revolution of moisture absorption



One touch loading tray for easy usage. Spout for convenient emptying.



The Aero 360º tab has a special wave shape and a centered opening for more air contact to boost performance of the system.



1. Ultra active crystals for a superior moisture absorption.
2. Patented anti-odour technology: up to 70% neutralisation of bad smells*

* tested by an external specialist lab in 2009



Unique 360 air tunnel for complete air circulation around and through the hanging tab.



Spill-prevention system and security clips.



First drop within 12h*.
Up to 40% higher efficiency**.
* depending on moisture level and room temperature.
** compared to Henkel standard systems.



Quick and easy re-ordering system and indicator to know when the refill needs to be changed.



Effective for up to 3 months*.
* In a 20m2, depending on moisture level and room temperature.

Aero 360° moisture absorber is the best solution for moisture control, as it absorbs the excess moisture from the air thus creating a healthy environment at home.

This moisture absorber system works with a unique Aero 360° refill tab, which lasts approximately 3 months in a 20m² room*. The excess moisture is then converted into a salty solution, which collects in the tank of the device. The Aero 360° refill tab gradually reduces its volume due to the moisture absorption process until it is completely dissolved.

*depending on the moisture level and room temperature.


Aero 360° is the moisture absorber that tells you when the refill needs to be changed. When the level of water accumulated in the tank reaches the red area on the indicator, it means the refill needs to be checked, as it will be finished or about to finish very soon.

Aero 360º moisture absorber makes no noise - the device utilizes a natural process, which does not need sources of energy (no batteries or electricity). It is also environmentally friendly and convenient, as there are no consumed bags or cartridges to dispose of.

Watch the video to see how Aero 360° E-Connect moisture absorber works

UniBond Aero 360° E-connect is the first moisture absorber with intelligent packaging, telling you when the refill needs to be changed and offering an integrated quick and easy re-ordering system through your smartphone.

 *Not supported by iOS phones.

How does Aero 360º E-Connect moisture absorber work?

It’s easy to use! In just 4 steps you can get rid of excess moisture and create a healthy environment at home:

  1. Place the tab inside the device, positioning it on the axle with the blue side facing downwards.
  2. Check the tab replacement system to know when your refill is about to run out.
  3. Make sure the NFC setting is activated in your smartphone and hold the phone close to the sticker. * Not supported by iOS phones
  4. Done! Choose your favourite refill tabs and Amazon will conveniently deliver them to your door.


Although our moisture absorbers are safe to use, keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not place the moisture absorber in close proximity to heat sources (heaters, fireplaces, etc). Do not allow the Aero 360° tab or waste water solution to come into contact with easily damaged metal surfaces. In case of contact, immediately wash with warm water.

You can place Aero 360º moisture absorber in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, cellar or even in your caravan.

Aero 360º device is the revolution of moisture control. The new Henkel system optimizes the air circulation by 360°. The Aero 360° system is based on the physical principle – the more contact the tab has to air, the higher the moisture absorption power it provides. The aerodynamic device has a unique 360° Air Tunnel enabling the air to circulate completely around and through the hanging tab.

The ultra-absorbent Aero 360° tab has active crystals for a superior humidity absorption. The improved wave shape and a centered opening for an enlarged surface for more air contact boosts the performance of the system. This leads to up to 40% higher efficiency.*

* compared to a Henkel standard system.

Aero 360º Pure works with Aero 360º neutral refill tabs.
Try the new Aromatherapy range for Aero 360º.
The Aero 360º Pure is the white device of the Aero 360º range.

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