Pearl moisture absorber

The expert of moisture absorption for small rooms

Fight excess moisture in smaller rooms.

Pearl moisture absorber is a great solution for moisture control in small rooms up to 10m². It helps absorb excess moisture from the air and helps combat the effects of excess moisture, such as condensation, bad smells and mould. No need to hide this device, as its small and elegant design fits nicely in any small room.

The device works with one Power tab which lasts approximately 2 months in a 10m² room*. Once the device is assembled, it immediately starts to work. The inserted two-phase compact Power tab with ultra-active crystals and genuine separation of the active ingredients efficiently fights against moisture while reducing bad smells.
The Power tab gradually reduces its volume due to the moisture absorption process until it is completely dissolved. The excess moisture is then converted into a salty solution, which is collected in the tank of the device.
The semi-transparent tank makes it easy to observe the level of the accumulated brine water inside.

Pearl moisture absorber makes no noise - the device utilises a natural process, which does not need sources of energy (no batteries or electricity). Therefore it is safe and convenient, as there are no consumed bags or cartridges to dispose of.

*depending on the moisture level and room temperature.

Pearl moisture absorber is an active help to fight against excess moisture in rooms up to 10m²

How does Pearl moisture absorber work?

It's easy to use! In just 4 steps you can help to get rid of excess moisture and create a healthy environment at home:

  1. Remove the lid to open the device.
  2. Open the refill foil package. Avoid any skin contact and place the tab with blue side facing downwards on top.
  3. Close the lid and push into place.
  4. Once the tab is fully dissolved open the lid and pour the brine into the toilet. Clean the grid under warm water. Replace the tab.
You can place Pearl moisture absorber in any small room of your home, like your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen

Although UniBond moisture absorbers function without electricity, you should still keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not place the moisture absorber close to heat sources (heaters, fireplaces etc). Do not allow the Power tab or waste water solution to come into contact with easily damaged metal surfaces. In case of contact, immediately wash with warm water.

Pearl is compatible with Power tab 2in1, the ultra-absorbent tab with active crystals for a superior moisture absorption.
Pearl is compatible with Aromatherapy 3in1 Power tabs, the first collection of refill tabs offering efficient moisture absorption and a special ambience at home.

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