Aromatherapy: efficient moisture absorption and a special ambience at home!

Efficient moisture absorption with 3 special fragrances

Aromatherapy tabs: fight moisture and create a special ambience at home!

Aromatherapy tabs are the first collection of refill tabs offering both efficient moisture absorption and a special ambience at home. Aromatherapy is used as a form of therapy that uses essential oils and other aromatic compounds in order to affect a person's mood. These refill tabs contain essential oils which positively affect a person‘s mood , contribute to a more natural perception of the fragrance and bring scent uniqueness and richness to a fragrance creation.

The Aromatherapy tabs create special ambience in three directions:

Relaxing Lavender

The delicate scent of lavender with precious essential oils gives a feeling of calmness and makes your senses indulge in your own private moment of relaxation at home.


Energising Fruit Sensation

The revitalising scent of fruits with essential oils lifts your mood and fills your home with energy for a fresh start to the day.


Comforting Vanilla

The cosy scent of vanilla with essential oils will turn your home into a peaceful oasis of full comfort.

Discover the unique fragrances under Aero 360° refill tabs and Power tab 3in1 (both available in packs of 2 refill tabs).

Aromatherapy refill tabs are available for Aero 360º device.
Aromatherapy refill tabs are also available for Pearl device.

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